"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith" (Ephesians 2:8, 9). Christians can easily fall into the trap of thinking that faith is something "I do." "Jesus did everything for me, but I still have to do my part. I still have to believe in him!" Is that a proper way to think about "Salvation by faith alone?" The Apostle Paul says, "No." Like a picky eater who does not want his peas touching his potatoes, Paul is careful in Ephesians 2 to tell us that we do not want to think about faith in Jesus as being anywhere close to our works. "Not by works," he says emphatically, "that no one may boast." When it comes to salvation, the object of our faith is what really matters. The Scriptures reveal that the only proper object of faith is Jesus Christ, God's Son, who by dying on the cross made full payment for your sins. Then he rose from the dead to prove you are forgiven! I pray that this website is of some value to you. May the truth that is presented here help you to better know Jesus and his love.

Pastor John M. Stelter

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Faith Builders

Faith Builders is our course on the basic teachings of the Bible – an opportunity to build faith. People often say the Bible is hard to understand. However, if we understand the four key concepts of the Bible, things become much clearer. Those key concepts are sin, grace, faith, and works. For more information, click on "Bible Study" above.


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