“By The Grace Of God, We Are Just Like Our Father…Merciful.”
Luke 6:36-42

Pastor Dan Berg Sermon The 4th Sunday After Trinity (7-14-2019).

“Fools Mutter…Angels Rejoice!”
Luke 15:1-10

Pastor Dan Berg Sermon The 3rd Sunday After The Trinity 7/7/2019

“Rejoice, Celebrate, & Rest!”
Luke 14:15-24

Pastor Dan Berg Sermon The Second Sunday After Trinity (6/30/2019)

“God Is Love.”
Luke 16:19-31

Pastor Dan Berg Sermon 6/23/2019

“Our Triune God Is A Complex God, & That Is A Great Thing!”
John 3:1-17

Pastor Dan Berg Father’s Day Sermon 6/16/2019

“God’s Love Is Very Specific, Unique, And Undeserved.”
John 14:23-31

Pastor Dan Berg Sermon 06/09/2019

“Do Not Be Afraid!  God Is By Your Side!”
John 15:26-16:4

Pastor Dan Berg 06/02/2019

“When You Pray In The Name Of Jesus, Don’t Limit What You Ask For.”
John 16:23-30

Pastor Dan Berg 05/26/2019

“You Know What’s In Your Heart By What Comes Out Of Your Mouth.”
John 16:5-15

Pastor Dan Berg 05/19/2019

“Almost There!”
John 16:16-22

Pastor Dan Berg Sermon 5/12/2019

“We Are All Sheep, And Should Focus Solely On The Voice Of The Good Shepherd.”
John 10:11-16

Pastor Dan Berg Sermon 5/5/2019

“Jesus Died For YOU And YOUR Sins…You are Forgiven!”
John 5:4-10

Pastor Dan Berg Sermon 4/28/2019

“As Jesus Has Proven, After You Die, Your Body Is Not Nothing…It’s Something!”

Mark 16:1-8

Pastor Dan Berg Easter Sunday 2019