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We are really looking forward to our Music & Art Camp coming up in just a few short weeks. We wanted to let you know a little bit about the teachers who will be heading up all of the activities. If you want to register your child just click here and fill out the form before July 20th!

Pastor Dan Berg, Art

I’m Dan Berg, the pastor at Our Savior Lutheran Church. When it comes to art I most enjoy sketching and painting. For our first camp I will be leading part of the art activities-mainly the messy outdoor stuff! I am looking forward to having some outside fun with bubble painting and chalk and other fun, messy techniques! I love the comfort that beautiful art and music can bring to the soul. My prayer is that through music and art we can help spark a lifelong search for the beautiful things of God, especially the sacrificial love of Christ Jesus.

Cathe Johnson, Art

My name is Cathe Johnson and I’m a life long lover of arts and crafts!  I’ve enjoyed creating and making things since I was a little girl. My mom was always doing something crafty and making all sorts of things and I loved to watch her and be as involved as I could! 
I am SO excited about this year’s Art and Music Camp! I’ll be leading a portion of the Art camp and we have SO much fun in store! From self portraits to canvas painting…you won’t want your kiddos to miss this incredibly special week!

Rachael Berg, Music 

Hey there! I’m Rachael and I’ve been a lover of music for as long as I can remember. I have been playing the violin for about 20 years now and teaching music for almost as long. I studied music education at the University of Georgia and have taught in many settings from private school to public and from elementary general music to high school string orchestra. If there is music involved I am ready to teach anything! I am incredibly grateful for a few loving members of my church back in Georgia that encouraged me to use my talents for God’s glory from a young age. Since moving to Harrisonville I have been eager to spread the joy of music with this community and I think this camp is a great start. We will be singing, playing hand bells and rhythm instruments, and banging on drums. It promises to be a great time and I hope you’ll consider letting your child be a part of the fun!

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